pc加拿大2.8最准预测网刮刮“China Commerce Association For General Merchandise ”(CCAGM)成立于1990年,是流通领域成立最早、最具影响力的全国性行业组织之一,2009年就被国家民政部评为4A级社团组织。








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Introduction of CCAGM



Under the guidance of the Stated-owned Supervision Administration Commission and the Ministry of Commerce, CHINA COMMERCE ASSOCIATION FOR GENERAL MERCHANDISE (known as CCAGM) is a social organization of legal status approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs. CCAGM is composed of various forms of ownerships, all kinds of trades of enterprises/syndications and voluntary individuals whose occupations mainly focus on the circulating, manufacturing, service, cultural, educational, scientific activities of daily-used consumption products. It is an industrial based and a non-profit social organization.        


CCAGM was established on January, 1990, with the approval of the Ministry of Civil Affairs. It has nearly 1000 members, including domestic big/medium sized retailers, wholesale& manufacturing enterprises, and other types of enterprises which provide related service to the industry. The members are all over the country’s 34 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, covering all ranges of ownership. CCAGM has 60 corporate members, including City Retail Industry Association, Trade Association and trans-regional retail company union organization, linking more than 15000 indirect members.


After 30 years growth and development, CCAGM is one of the leading association in retail industry in China. CCAGM is appraised as a 4A social organization by the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

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